Introducing Sharad Singh Parihar, Founder of ArtWithTune Music Academy. With a solid background in music and a passion for teaching, Sharad has dedicated over a decade to sharing his expertise in guitar, ukulele, vocals, and piano. Holding a Bachelor's and Master's degree in Music, he possesses a deep understanding of musical theory and performance.

With his vast experience as an instructor, Sharad has guided numerous students on their musical journey. At ArtWithTune Music Academy, under his guidance, students receive comprehensive training for three esteemed boards: Prayag Sangeet Samiti, Trinity College London, and Bhatkhande. Sharad's approach combines technical proficiency with a nurturing environment, ensuring that each student develops their unique musical abilities to their fullest potential.

Join ArtWithTune Music Academy community to embark on an enriching musical experience. Discover the joy of music and unlock your true potential under the guidance of a seasoned professional.